Truworth Tulsi Drops is a blend of five species of best quality Organic Certified Himalayan Tulsi.

The Tulsi plant is a venerated plant and Hindus worship it in the morning and evening. It is also known all over the world as Holy Basil. In Sanskrit, Tulsi means ‘incomparable’. Holy basil is known as “The Queen of Herbs”.
In India, the herb Tulsi also called Holy basil has been widely known for its health promoting and medicinal value for thousands of years. Tulsi is one of the best medicinal herbs searched till date. It has endless miraculous and medicinal properties. It has been a revered plant and has an important place in Indian history for thousands of years.

 Provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients.
 Helps to rejuvenate the respiratory system.
 Helps to strengthen the immune system of the body to prevent diseases.
 Helps against invading bacteria, virus and fungal infections.
 Helps to diminish symptoms of flu, fever, cold & cough.
 Helps to purify blood.
 Helps to eliminate toxins from the body
 Helps to enhance energy and increase stamina.
 Helps to promote healthy metabolism.
 Helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
 Helps to relieve inflammation.
 Helps to protect against radiation and other environmental aggressors.
 Helps to improve digestion, and helpful in acidity, constipation, stomach pain and abdominal pain.
 Helps for diabetes and sugar management.
 It has a beneficial effect in heart disease and the weakness resulting therein.
 Helps increase W.B.C.s (White Blood Cells) in blood which prevents infections and cancer.
 Helps to control blood pressure and helps prevent heart diseases.
 Helps to treat kidney and urinary problems.
 Helps to treat skin diseases like leukoderma, leprosy, etc.
 Helpful in De-Addiction of alcohol, nicotine and other


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