Hello Great Leaders of Truworth Global Nigeria, My name is Mr. Mohd Asif , CEO of Truworth Global. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you all for accepting our Company and the support so far. Now as you can see the office is fully ready to take off, this is the time to build your Truworth Global business, as the CEO I urge you all to be relentless and I assure you of living up to the standard and to fulfill all that is promised in our marketing plan. The Vision of Truworth Global is to give all our partners the Wealthy lives they truly deserve. There are a lot of great moments ahead for all of you and am looking forward to sharing them with you, planning to Visit Africa soon for our Launch in Nigeria. Truworth Global is not like any other company but we are here to make a difference with our results oriented Products and a Marketing plan that’s intended to enrich the lives of all our partners. Wishing you all a great time during your meeting today and I look forward to seeing you all soon. Thank You all.

Mr. Mohd Asif


Truworth Global was founded by Mr. Mohd Asif in 2011. He set out with a vision to create a global pharmaceutical company. Under his able and dynamic leadership, Truworth Global has grown rapidly to attain newer milestones and the highest level of performance. Mr. Mohd Asif is a postgraduate (MBA) International Business with more than 15 years of experience, Operations  Manager/Business Development Manager & Senior Export Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Herbal, Beauty Product & Surgical industry. He is well versed with the overall management of the company and possesses a vast amount of hands-on experience in marketing, production, and finance.