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In this 21st century, maintaining one’s looks and beauty is no more a luxury but a necessity. Beauty comes in many forms, having this in mind, Bellado is a well-formulated natural product that helps in maintaining the natural beauty of every individual. Bellado is able to bring one’s beauty from the inside-out

Bellado Contains:

• Glutathione
• Papaya extract
• Lemon fruit
• Cinnamon bark extract and many other natural ingredients are intended to enhance one’s beauty.

Benefits of Bellado

• Bellado is a natural beauty product that gives a more radiant and
glowing skin complexion.
• It Supports the growth of long healthy hair and nails
• It Clears skin blemishes and dark eye circles
• Bellado gives a younger-looking smooth and even skin complexion
• It is used for the treatment of eczema and skin dryness
• Bellado has anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-bacteria properties
that makes it useful against acne
• It Tightens skin and prevents wrinkling and dimpling of the skin.


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