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A woman has to lift a lot of burdens in her life. Whether it is taking a nine-month load and near-death pain to give birth to a baby, or suffering a monthly menstruation cycle. Lady Forte is a well-formulated all-natural product made for the total upkeep and for a healthy reproductive system in the 21st-century woman.

Lady Forte Contains:

• Kacip Fatimah
• Kayu Rapet
• Nigella Sativa
• Shatavari Extract, etc.

Benefits of Lady Forte

• Helps to maintain a healthy and a well-functioning female
reproductive system
• Helps to establish a regular menstrual cycle
• Reliefs painful menstruation
• Balances, builds and harmonizes
• Your number one fertility product for a healthy conception
• Firms and tones vaginal muscles, effective in tightening vaginal walls
• Alleviates menopausal symptoms and promotes emotional well being
• increases libido in women
• Has the ability to eliminate vaginal discharges, itching and bad vaginal
• Natural treatment for gonorrhea
• It tightens the relaxed uterus after childbirth, aids in uterine and
vaginal healing
• It prevents recurrent vaginal infections
• Balances female hormonal system
• Natural treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
• Stabilizes mood and emotions during the menstrual cycle


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